Tuesday, September 4, 2007

T.T.T (Tips / Tricks / Trivia)

Did you know that…

1. Freshwater fish owners maintain an average of 13 fish and nearly one-in-eight U.S. households keep fish as pets

2. Aquarium fish are the most popular pet in America, with nearly 12 million householdsowning more than 158,600,000 fish

3. Research and experimental evidence indicates fish aquariums lower blood pressure inboth hypertensive and normal subjects

4. There is extensive medical evidence indicating that aquariums are a highly effective means of alleviating stress even in difficult situations such as dental surgery

5. Unlike other relaxation techniques, attending to a fish tank is a spontaneously initiated activity. The brain is programmed to attend to water and the movement of fish, therefore no training or practice is necessary to experience stress reduction

6. Students who are fish owners score the highest on both math and verbal SATs, with a combined score 200 points higher than non-pet owners

7. High schoolers who keep fish or other pets have an average GPA of 3.5, versusnon-pet owners at 3.2

8. Fish keeping began with the Sumerians more than 4,500 years ago

9. The first display aquarium opened in 1853 at Regent's Park in London

10. First time freshwater fish owners spend an average of $27.00 on fish when starting uptheir new aquariums


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fish said...

Some interesting fish facts! I was under the impression that fish had found a home in 1/4 of the homes in the U.S. I'm interested to compare facts and would like to see your source.

Patrice said...

That is great news! Next time my wife tel me I spend to much time looking after my fish, I'll have an argument!


Patrice from

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